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England 1957,

A young Lance Reventlow - heir to the Woolworth department store fortune - stands in a small race car factory with fellow racer and friend, Bruce Kessler. As they admire a brand new Lister-Jaguar chassis, Reventlow looks to Bruce and says: "I could build a better car than that". It was then that a legend was born.

Reventlow decided to create and develop a series of All-American sports racing cars that would change the face of the sport. A year after that trip to England, Lance introduced the world to the Scarab.

Partnering with an unbelievable team of motorsports legends including, Troutman and Barnes, Phil Remington, Chuck Daigh, Traco Engineering and Warren Olson, the Scarab Mk1 and Mk2 sports racers were among the fastest, best handling, cars in the world besting even the top driven Ferrari and Maserati prototypes. 

Only three front-engine Scarabs were built and they went on to dominate road racing from the late 1950s through to the mid-1960s.



Today Scarab Motorsports is offering a Limited Edition Series that is a true continuation of the iconic Scarab sports race cars as raced by Reventlow Automobile, Meister Brauser Racing and the Nickey Chevrolet race teams from 1958 to 1964.

Built for the serious collector who requires exacting specifications on when the car was originally built.

FIA certification has been received and accepted for international historic racing.

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