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In 1959 Harry Heuer convinced the Peter Hand Brewery to sponsor a race team with the promise he would bring home a championship trophy each year. His first goal was to find a car that would be up to the task of winning championships and for that, he choose the Scarabs. 

In addition to Heurer, additional drivers were brought on board: Augie Pabst, Don Devine, Bill Wuesthoff and John Kilborn with Red Byron, the first NASCAR Champion, as the team manager. The crew dubbed "Heuer's Black Jackets" were John Wonderer, Bill Leahy, Willey Weis, Jack Bashchieri, Pete Digrado, Jack Sullivan and Jack Choice.  Carroll Shelby drove a Meister Brauser Scarab to victory in one of his last races in June 1960 for the Meister Brauser team.

 Heuers Meister Brausers won 5 championships, one each year, from 1959 to 1964 as promised.

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