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Customer Cars
High Performance Street Scarab
The High Performance Street Scarab is available in three stages: Unpainted roller, Painted roller, and a turn-key ready to drive model.  Scarab bodies are all custom fabricated from aluminum.
The unpainted and painted roller are fully assembled but require the installation of the engine, transmission, drive shaft, exhaust system and battery. All other components are completely installed.  
The braking system does require an authorized mechanic to fill and bleed the brake and clutch lines. The electrical system and gauges are installed, this includes complete wiring of the front and rear lights. The wiring for the engine is bundled and ready to install to the engine.  The aluminum interior is complete with upholstered seats, floor mats and installed seat belts. The wheels are aluminum Sebring style with knock off hubs. The braking system is Wilwood rotors and calipers, uprights are Corvette C6  with coil over Vari-shocks. The ATL fuel cell is plumped and lines run to the engine compartment. The pedal assembly is Tilton's racing assembly. The Woodward steering rack is fully installed with a quick release steering wheel.
The original paint design is our standard option with the original blue, white scallops and red pin striping. We do offer the customer optional designs and colors. 
The Turn Key Scarab is a ready to drive car. This includes the same components as the unpainted roller, original style paint design with choice of the light or dark blue body color, roll bar option and the customer's choice of a transmission.
The engine is a custom build small block Chevrolet with a custom Hilborn Electronic Fuel Injection system. The intake manifold is the original Hilborn manual design but has the EFI system built below which gives the appearance of the original. The custom velocity stacks are also included.
1.  Handcrafted all aluminum body
2. T.I.G. welded 4130 Chrom-moly Frame
3. Custom aluminum interior
4. Stuart Warner gauges
5. ATL fuel cell
6. Tilton competition pedal assembly
7. Wilwood brake package
8. Custom aluminum seats
9. Painless wire harness
10. Winters Champ quick change 
11. Simpson competition belts
12. Corvette uprights and hubs
13. Trigo knock offs
14. Woodward steering rack
15. Aluminum kidney bean wheels
    Scroll down for Construction Process
The construction process begins with the building of the 4130 Chrom-moly TIG welded frame.
The second step is to fit the aluminum body to the frame. This includes fitting the doors, hood, Dzus fittings and hinges. 
The next step is the fabrication and fitting of the aluminum interior, dash board, engine surround, interior body panels and transmission tunnel. 
The final step is the assembly of all the components
Fuel cell
Bucket seats and safety belts
Suspension system
Dash board
Completed roller 
Compete unpainted roller
Turn Key Scarab  
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