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Scarab Motorsports offers two standard models of the front engine Scarab sports racer



The High Perfomance Street Scarab is a street legal sports car. We offer several options, unpainted roller, painted roller and a turn-key model.  We can also build a street car with any options the customer requests.The HPS Scarab is also eligible for vintage racing with the appropriate components, such as roll bars, fire system, etc. This model is the preferable choice for those who want a car that is comfortable, street legal and still has those high performance attributes.




We are now proud to offer a FIA certified Scarab that is eligible to race on a international basis.  The FIA Scarab is available in three models, the Mark I left hand drive, the Mark II Meister Brauser and the Nicky Chevrolet Scarab. The FIA Scarabs are built on a limited edition basis of 20 cars per model.  Each FIA Scarab comes with a certificate showing the owners name, registration number and signed by the drivers and crew members of the individual teams.This is the Scarab for the true collector and the individual that requires the true experience of racing a Scarab as it was originally built.

High Performance  Street Scarab
F.I.A. Certified Meister Bruaser MK1 Scarab
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