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Ownership History of Scarabs MkI, MkII, MkIII

 Reventlow Automotive sold the three front engine sports cars in 1959. The MKI was keep by Reventlow and both the MKII cars were sold to Midwest racing teams.

The number one car, the left hand drive, was converted by Reventlow to a street car in 1959. The car was owned by Cheryl Reventlow, Lances's widow, until 1982 when it was sold to Don Orosco. The car then passed hands to Rob Walton in the 1990's were it remains today.

The number two car was sold to Jim Jeffords in 1959 and raced by the Nickey Chevrolet team. It was then purchased by Harry Heuer in December 1959 for the Meister Brauser race team and raced until the end of the 1963 race season. The car was then sold to Augie Pabst in 1977 and raced by him until 2010.  The car then changed hands and was sold to John Morzart in 2013. 

The number three car, the only Scarab with a hood scoop, was sold to the Meister Brauser race team in 1959. It later changed hands several times, including Jerry Hansen and Don Devine  and eventually found a permanent home at the Revs Institute of the Collier Car Museum in Naples, Florida.  It has gone on to win several prestigous awards including a first place at Amile Island Concoures. 

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