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   F.I.A.  Meister Brauser MK1
      Features and Components 
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1. Custom all aluminum body made to original specifications  from the original Meister Brauser Scarab

2. Custom 4130 Chrom-moly frame  built to original specifications.

3. Original designed DiDion rear suspension system.

4.  Custom built F.I.A. aluminum fuel cell

5.  Custom built brass radiator original design

6.  Custom built front and rear aluminum brake drums made from original patterns.

7.  Custom 283 Chevy small block engine with correct date code, bored to correct 339 cubic inches with Lehman cross drive unit, Hilborn injection system and custom exhaust system.

8.  Custom pedal assembly designed from original

9. Stewart Warner gauges and custom wire harness

10. Custom aluminum interior designed from original

11, Chrome plated roll bar and rear bumper

12. Paint design and team logo from original, color from original sample of Meister Bruaser paint.

13. Original style Sebring and Champ Magnisum knock off wheels

14. Vintage style Dunlop racing tires

15. Original style quick change differential

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