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Road America, Elkhart Lake, Brian Redman Vintage Race      July 19-22  2018
We had a great time at this years events at Road America with Bob Kendall and the ReinCarnation crew.  Bob brought the original Troy Roadster which was a big hit with the crowd and was a blast to drive.  As you know we are working on a project with Bob, go to the Development Project drop down for more details, which is his Troy Indy Roadster proto-type.  We had the rolling chassis at the show which drew alot of attention.  Bob is building a 33 car limited edition series of the cars with the first being  available  for delivery next spring.  
Don Devine and Bill Wuesthoff were available for autographs and had some great stories from the Meister Bruaser days.  Unfortunatley Augie and Harry were unable to attend but will be there next year for the 60th Meister Bruser Reunion.  We have available for purchase a limited edition photo series signed by Augie, Harry, Don and Bill.  Its  a picture of the F.I.A. Scarab that we built and will benefit the 60th Reunion next year. Go to our retail page for details.
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